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Tournament Affidavits F.A.Q.
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Tournament Affidavits F.A.Q.



When will the Tournament Affidavit tool be available?

The Tournament Affidavit system will be available in the United States on June 1, 2018 at 9am ET.  This corresponds to the first day on which tournament teams can be announced.  The Tournament Affidavit system for international leagues will be available in late June 2018.

What items will I need to complete my Tournament Affidavit?

To complete your Tournament Affidavit, you will need to do the following:

  • Ensure that tournament enrollment is complete and that there are no outstanding regular-season balances for your league.
  • Verify your League President and Player Agent information.
  • Gather team information for all teams in each division, including team names, schedules, and number of games completed by the start of the tournament.
  • Gather manager and coach information including physical addresses, email addresses, and primary phone numbers.
  • Gather names and physical addresses of the schools in your league's boundaries that are being used to establish eligibility for any player.
  • Gather player information including their addresses, birthdates, regular season team names, number of games played, and any waivers (if applicable).

Who can create/edit Tournament Affidavits?

League Presidents and Player Agents can create and edit Tournament Affidavits by default.  Additionally, anyone may be granted the "Manage Tournament Affidavits" permission by the League President by editing his/her officer record.

We enrolled in tournament, so why can't I see the "Manage Tournament Affidavits" link on my league dashboard?

If you are not the League President or the Player Agent, then you must be granted the "Manage Tournament Affidavits" permission in order to see that option.  Also, a league that is on Tournament Hold cannot complete Tournament Affidavits.

How can our league get released from Tournament Hold?

Leagues that owe $100 USD or more in regular-season fees (i.e., chartering and insurance enrollment fees only) as of June 1, 2018 are placed on Tournament Hold.  This prohibits the league from enrolling any further teams in tournament and from creating Tournament Affidavits.  You may pay off that balance via credit card or electronic check in the Data Center or you may mail a check or money order made out to "Little League Baseball" to:  Little League International, PO Box 3485, Williamsport, PA 17701-0485.  Once your payment has been received and processed, your league will be released from Tournament hold within 1-2 business days.

Can I fill out a paper Tournament Affidavit form?

Leagues are required to use the online Tournament Affidavit tool that is part of the Little League Data Center for the 2018 Season.


Completing Your Affidavit

How many Tournament Affidavits can I create?

You can create one (1) affidavit per team enrolled in tournament.

Why won't it let me pick a particular division of play?

Either 1) you have not enrolled a tournament team in that division of play or 2) you have already created the maximum number of affidavits for that division of play (i.e., one per enrolled team).

Why can't I delete a school from the Schools list?

Check to see if you have indicated that any of your players are using that school for their Eligibility Type.  You may not delete a school if any players have that school specified.

Why can't I delete a team from the Regular Season Teams list?

Check to see if you have indicated that any of your players are listed as being a member of that team.  You may not delete a team if any players have that team specified.

Why can't I add more players to the Players list?

The maximum number of players on a team in all tournament divisions, except Senior League, is fourteen (14). The maximum number of players on a team in the Senior League division is sixteen (16). 

What if I need to make a change to an affidavit?

You can edit a previously created affidavit by clicking the "Manage Tournament Affidavits" link in the Data Center, finding the affidavit in the list, and clicking the "Edit" button.


Printing The Affidavit

Does printing the generated affidavit also print the boundary map with the players plotted?

No.  You must print the map and affidavit separately.  Please remember to reprint both any time you edit any of the information on your affidavit.

Will the map automatically scale to fit the page when I print it?

No.  If you have zoomed in/out or panned around the map, please remember to zoom your map back to where all of your players and the league's boundary can be clearly seen before printing.

What if a player address is not being plotted at the correct location on the map?

This may happen if an address is new (e.g., in the case of a new housing development).  Please contact Data Center Support at or at (570) 326-1921 ext 2800 between the hours of 9am and 5pm ET, Monday through Friday.  The appropriate regional office will work with you to obtain the necessary waiver to accompany your affidavit.