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Finance F.A.Q.
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Finance F.A.Q.



How are payments applied to my league's open balance?

Payments are applied to open charges in a specific order: first to Liability Insurance premiums, second to Additional Insured premiums, third to Accident Insurance and Crime Insurance premiums, fourth to any balance from the previous year, and finally to any additional charges (tournament enrollment, Little League Store purchases, etc.) in the order they were incurred.  This is done to ensure that you are covered by your Little League insurance policies as soon as possible, because a policy is not in force until the premium has been paid in full.

How long does it take for payments to be applied?

Please allow 1-2 business days between when the payment was received by Little League International and when it applied to your league's balance.

How can I make an online payment?

Log on to the Little League Data Center, click Manage Financials, and click Make Online Payment.  Please note that only league presidents, league treasurers, and officers with the "Manage Financials" permission will see the Manage Financials link on the Data Center.

What forms of online payment are accepted?

You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, or electronic check (ACH).  Please note that many league credit cards have daily spending limits; therefore, you may not be able to pay your entire balance all at once.

Does Little League International charge any fees for making online payments?

Yes.  Payments made by Visa or MasterCard incur a 2.6% processing fee, and payments made by electronic check (ACH) incur a 1% processing fee.  Therefore, if your league's balance is $100.00, you would be charged a total of $102.60 or $101.00 respectively.



What is new about my league's financial statements on the Little League Data Center?

Starting in July 2018, Little League International will provide electronic statements to leagues via the Little League Data Center, whereas previously paper invoices were mailed to the league presidents.  There are a few key differences with the new format:

  • The paper invoices only showed items with open balances.  The new electronic statements show a full "season-to-date" view.  In other words, every charge and credit your league has incurred during the current season will appear, regardless of whether there is an open balance on each of those items.
  • You will receive an electronic statement every month, regardless of your current balance.  Previously, paper invoices where only mailed if you owed money.
  • Past electronic statements (dating back to July 2018) will be accessible on the Little League Data Center.
  • Electronic statements are in PDF format.  You may download the free Adobe Reader here
  • You may view a current snapshot of your statement by clicking Manage Financials and then clicking View Current Financial Statement To Date.
  • Beginning in the Fall of 2018, electronic statements will be emailed to league presidents, league treasurers, and every officer with the "Manage Financials" permission.  Prior to then, paper invoices will continue to be mailed.

How often are statements created?

League financial statements are generated on the first of each month.  Occasionally, Little League International may send a second, mid-month statement, typically around specific financial deadlines.

Who can access my league's statements?

To see your league's statements on the Little League Data Center, you must have the "Manage Financials" permission or the "View Financials" permission granted on your account profile.  By default, league presidents and league treasurers have the "Manage Financials" permission.  The league president can also grant any other officer these same permissions by editing his/her profile.

How far back does my statement go?

Electronic statements show a "season-to-date" view.  The new season starts each year on October 1st.  Your statement will show the previous season's balance as of September 30th, as well as each new charge and credit incurred in the current season.


Credit Balances

My league has a credit balance.  How may I use it?

Credit balances may be applied toward Chartering, Insurance Enrollment, and Tournament Enrollment fees, or you may request a refund.

Can I use a credit balance on the Little League® Official Store (

Unfortunately, no.  Credit balances may be applied toward future Chartering, Insurance Enrollment, and Tournament Enrollment fees, or you may request a refund.

How can I request a refund of my league's credit balance?

Requests for credit balance refunds must made in writing by emailing  All refunds are made by check and are mailed to the league president.  Refunds are processed once per calendar month.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the refund to be processed and delivered.